Indoor Golf League

The inaugural indoor golf league will commence the week of January 9th, 2022. The KGC has researched and evaluated several options (i.e. match play, team play better ball, etc.), and also spoke with several users of the simulator to come up with a league that is flexible for both players and league organizers. We believe that we have found a league format that strikes a balance for all.

  • We are seeking the first 16 men and 8 women.
    • Men’s League: 4 teams x 4 men
    • Women’s League: 2 teams x 4 women
  • Sign up at the club as a team or individually. We will round out the 4 player teams with individuals.
  • If we cannot attain the participant numbers we will default to a number that will permit us to meet the league format. Sign up early to guarantee your spot!
  • The league will run for 12 weeks
    • 10 weeks of league play
    • 2 weeks of playoff
  • Cost: $5/week for prizes + applicable hourly rate
  • Play when you want and with whom you want. Play with your team, play alone, play 2 or 3.

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